Victorian Gown in Martha Stewart Weddings

I’m very excited to have another dress in Martha Stewart Weddings! The Victorian Gown is featured in the current issue, Winter 2011. You can see it online, but I think it looks best in the magazine itself, where it can be found on page 308.

Martha Stewart Weddings Party

On Monday night I took my best friend Jennifer with me to the Martha Stewart Weddings party to celebrate the wrap-up of bridal market week. Among other cool things, they had a Smilebooth to take pictures of the guests. More a miniature photographer-less photo studio than an actual photo booth, it consisted of what looked like a tall skinny ATM opposite a backdrop of silver tinsel. There was a container of gold glitter; guests were supposed to take a handful of it and throw it in the air, letting it shower down on them mid-shot. But as you can see, I didn’t throw the glitter early enough. I never knew when it was actually going to take the photo so I ended up looking kind of silly but maybe that’s the point – and the fun of it.

And yes, that’s a corset I made; it goes with one of my wedding gowns. But more about that later…

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