The Groom’s Tie

I had a client whose husband had a custom tuxedo tailored for him to wear on their wedding day. I provided his tailor with an extra yard of the silk peau d’ange I was using to make his bride’s gown so that it could be made into a tie that matched. It was a beautiful detail that brought the bride and groom together visually, and metaphorically — each of them wearing something “cut from the same cloth,” as it were, to symbolize their union.

Of course, I would only recommend doing this if the wedding gown is made in a tightly woven fabric that would befit a tie or vest, such as duchess satin, peau d’ange, or possibly some taffetas. In any case, you should make sure that the whites your groom wears match the white of your dress as there are many shades of white, off-white and cream.