Gingerbread Cookie Teaser…

I know Christmas is officially over, but at my apartment it’s still going strong due to the fact that I was too busy right up to the 22nd to do anything remotely resembling a holiday tradition… Last year I made some fancy snowflake gingerbread cookies and have been waiting all year to make some more. Here’s what they look like right now, before I go at them with the royal icing!

My cookies from last year turned out really nicely but then when it came time to photograph them my crappy little point-and-shoot didn’t do them justice. For Christmas this year I got myself a real camera, a Canon 60D, with which I eventually plan to take detail photos of my dresses, but right now I’m practicing by photographing all of the Christmas decorations I put up (and the cookies I’m making). My apartment is red and green to begin with, so it’s the perfect backdrop!

More photos coming soon! And blogging more often, that’s my new year’s resolution! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


2 thoughts on “Gingerbread Cookie Teaser…

  1. Colette, you amaze me. Great photos. I thought last year’s cookies looked great, so I can’t wait to see this year’s edition with frosting.

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